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client love
Curious about what it’s like to work with me? Hear what my clients are saying…
Kristian Stephen Martin Speaker & Founder of The Embodied Leadership Training

“Hannah is the real deal, beyond what I've seen from anyone else in the coaching industry.
Hannah is the best. No, literally. I actually think she's the best business coach in the world. I chose her because I could feel the level of integrity and ease with which SHE operated in her own business. She was doing huge dollars but never seemed to be inauthentically pushing herself or too worried about needing X amount of social media posts a week.

I wanted to be me, largely relax, make consistent income, do it how I wanted to, and importantly not feel like I have to be on all the socials 24/7 to keep my business up.

In the first 2 weeks, I made my entire investment back, doing a 23k AUD day. 

Hannah helped me to REALLY listen to me. I learned how I create and that I don't need to fit myself into a model. I also learned to coach and lead others better. 

There was absolutely nothing I couldn't bring to the table with Hannah. 

Hannah is the real deal, beyond what I've seen from anyone else in the coaching industry. She's embodied in ways that other coaches are not, in ways that can be fully felt in her presence. If you're reading this because you're considering working with her, quit looking around at anybody else and join her because she hasn't got space left. She's that good!”
Kelly Rhodes 
Owner of Southern Frills Weddings & Events
“Working with Hannah was the best investment I’ve made for my business.
Hannah was able to dive deep quickly and get to the main issues that needed to be restructured based on my goals. 
I was able to refine my brand values in a way that completely reflects our company and speaks to all of my clients. She gave me tangible advice to implement immediately that boosted my visibility on Google and other search engines. 
I more than doubled my company's revenue from the previous year.
Hannah helped me feel worthy to sell my services with absolute confidence. I used to have a hard time selling my high-ticket service, but after working with Hannah, it's the service I sell most. I am closing sales at a very high rate compared to previous years.
Working with Hannah was the best investment I’ve made for my business. It has really shifted my perspective and let me achieve so much more at a faster rate. The kind, supportive pushes were exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level.” 
Mackenzie Eason
Love Coach
“Hannah has a sharp intuitive sense that is matched with unparalleled business expertise. 
She’s simultaneously incredibly skilled at lasering into the exact details while holding a big picture vision. I felt like I could bring anything to Hannah and she would consistently support me, empower me into true leadership, and deliver me (with tangible action items) into the next phase of my business. 

I love that Hannah weaves her vast business know-how (including copy, marketing, launching, sales, and business structure) with a devotion to helping me tap into my own inner knowing. She doesn’t do cookie cutter bullshit, she truly attunes to each client. And that’s where the magic is.

I created consistent income and structure in my business that allowed me to launch off into the next phase of my life and navigate a huge move and breakup. 

I now have waaay more income from my business, regular client leads, better copy skills, a clear sales process (and sales skills that I was lacking in a huge way), and significantly increased engagement on social media. 

I’ve gained leadership skills and am considered a thought leader in my field. 

Before working with Hannah, I was hiding behind my business, scared to own it and truly guide my community. I now feel confident, empowered, and trusting of my gifts, skills, and the needed service that my business provides. I’ve been able to get crystal clear on my ideal client, refine my niche, and rock my business. 

Hannah is a gem and true master in her field. I wholeheartedly recommend all entrepreneurs work with Hannah. It will transform you and our business from the inside out.”

You already have an established business...
...you know it’s working and you’re ready to step beyond the practical, and predictable…

You want a business that blows your damn mind.
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