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You bring a lot to the table, I'm here to make sure that doesn't go unnoticed
The Mentorship
My most powerful container for entrepreneurial leaders. This is a high-level, high-touch and highly personalized business mentorship designed to support entrepreneurs who have extensive expertise and mastery in their chosen field. In order to maintain my commitment to excellence and serve the heck out of my mentees space in the mentorship is limited to a small handful of entrepreneurs per year.

There's a good chance this is the right fit if...
 + You’re looking for a strategic partner to support you in scaling your business and your mission. 
 + You don’t just want to grow financially, you want to deepen your fulfillment and embolden your leadership. 

I’m here to walk alongside you, to see all that you are and all that you’re becoming. 

I'm here to call you forward and to help you build something so much bigger than you.

You’ve got the audacity to believe beyond your current reality and the drive to back it up. 

The Intensive
This is a single-focused, 2 hour session designed to get you dialed in and ready for intentional shifts. If you're looking for personalized strategy in a specific area of your business in an accelerated format, and a customized plan of action, This is for you.

The intensive includes a full week of follow up Voxer support to help you with integration and implementation. Potential areas of focus include: Profit Structure, Strategic Quarterly/Monthly/Annual Goal Setting, Content & Visibility Strategy, Hiring & Team Management, Elevated Brand Voice, Transformational Sales Coaching.
Want Hannah to come speak in your mastermind, group program, or on your podcast? 
Frannie Coggeshall
CEO and Founder of 
Elevate Her Marketing
"I say with 100% confidence Hannah is the best investment I have ever made in my business.
When I hired Hannah I was considering shutting down my business… I had been working at it for so long and while I was making progress it was SO slow. The way it was structured left me with little pay even when I signed more clients.

I say with 100% confidence Hannah is the best investment I have ever made in my business. I didn’t think she would know how to help me on some things, because I run an agency and have a big team. 

She helped me completely revamp so many aspects of my business, create more profit for my business and a much bigger salary for myself. My business is now fully booked out and growing and growing. In terms of ROI I’m now averaging $17k monthly in profit (not just revenue, this is after expenses) when we started it was about $2k. My team and I have put in the work, but having Hannah’s support throughout it all has been invaluable.

I feel more confident in my decisions, my leadership and my business as a whole. There’s nothing I feel I’m not getting from working with her that was promised or that I wanted (this is a rare experience for me.)"
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