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I Want You To Be Wealthy
If you've ever felt like building real, tangible wealth is something that's reserved for a select few, you're not alone...

...and I can't wait to help you rewrite this story.
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ways to work with me
Ready to grow your business, deepen your leadership or fall in love with your finances?

You've come to the right place and I'm so glad you're here. 
1:1 Mentorship
Are you ready to embolden your leadership, scale your impact and elevate your business?
VIP Intensives 
A single focused 2-hour deep-dive session designed to help you make immediate, intentional shifts in your business.
Want Hannah to come speak in your mastermind, at your event or on your podcast? 
client love
I work with some of the most incredible leaders. Hear what they’ve got to say…
Frannie Coggeshall
Founder of
Elevate Her Marketing
Porto, Portugal
“I can say with 100% confidence Hannah is the best investment I have ever made in my business.
I didn’t think she would know how to help me, because I run an agency and have a big team. She has not only helped me completely revamp so many aspects of my business, but has helped me create more profit for my business and much more salary for myself. My business is now fully booked out and growing and growing. ROI wise I’m now making $17k in monthly profit (not revenue, this is after expenses including my salary) when we started it was $2k. There’s nothing I feel I’m not getting from working with her that she promised or that I wanted.”
the wealth course
Create financial sovereignty, transform your relationship with money & build real wealth
It's time for grounded money guidance, the simple, practical kind that doesn't require you to vibrate at a certain frequency or master high-risk trading.

You work hard for your money, it makes sense that you want more to show for it. If you're ready to watch your Net Worth grow, but you're not motivated by shame, restriction or bypassing your lived experience you're in the right place.

Join me for The Wealth Course, a 12-week program where I'll guide you through sustainable steps to transform your finances + build tangible wealth.
meet hannah
 business and financial educator, female founder and serial entrepreneur.
Hey there, I'm hannah.

I help entrepreneurial leaders, like you, build wealth and become well-resourced by cultivating financial stability, sovereignty and sustainability. 

Curious about my journey? 

It's probably not what you think...
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Check out Hannah’s interview on the Quality Queen Control The Podcast w/Asha Christina, where they discuss relationships with money.
The Tenets of Financial Intimacy
Check out Hannah’s interview on The Less-Stressed Life Podcast w/Christa Biegler, where they discuss financial intimacy.
Why Wishing Your Way Wealthy Won't Work + What to Do Instead
Check out Hannah’s interview on The Erica Ballard Show, where they discuss tangible wealth.
Budgeting, Investments & Finance
Check out Hannah’s interview on the Life With Marianna podcast, where they discuss budgeting, investments, and finance.
the lead well summit
Wanna help us close the wealth gap?
The LeadWell Summit is a self-funded, female-founded, grassroots platform for real, practical, and transformational discussions about building tangible wealth, with world-renowned authors, speakers, and educators.

Join us October 17th-21st for this free 5-day immersion as we dive into tangible, necessary, and often inaccessible topics that are essential to building wealth.

This event is dedicated to creating a safe environment, free of shame, judgment and complex jargon for you to access useful information that will support you in creating financial independence. 
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