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1:1 coaching
If you're looking for a powerful partner who will call to the leader you were born to become, you’re in the right place. 
It’s time to dissolve the layers of conditioning around what success “should” look like and step into the legacy of your leadership. You’re not here to live a predictable life; the conventional path never had your name on it. You’re an undeniable force of freedom and fulfillment, and you’re here to shake shit up.  

The evolution of your mission is sacred, and I’m here to walk alongside you as you become the most powerful expression of wealth and purpose.
Jessika Schonberg 
Mindset & Confidence Coach
“Hannah is super supportive. Working with her is like a breath of fresh air. 
I was new to the coaching industry, but not new to business and it felt really empowering to be supported in a way that kept me in the driver's seat of my own business. Hannah's tough love approach is powerful and inspiring.

During my time working with Hannah, I doubled my annual revenue.

I learned how to trust myself more deeply and let go of the pressure I was putting on myself to create a certain outcome. I learned to enjoy life while creating a business I love and believe in.

I would 100% recommend working with Hannah and having her in your support team as you grow and expand your business.”
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