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about hannah
business and financial educator, female founder and serial entrepreneur
I wasn't always a confident, wealth generating multi-hyphenate...
In fact, the multiple six-figure entrepreneur you see today grew up on food stamps, below the poverty line.
As a kid the only thing I understood about money was that we didn't have it and that it was a problem
My lack of literacy and genuine fear of finances wreaked havoc on my twenties where I found myself facing a few evictions, mountains of debt and the consequences of just about every financial mistake a person can make. 

Becoming an entrepreneur was a huge step in reclaiming my financial sovereignty and it helped me realize that earning more was only a fraction of the wealth building equation.
This is when I committed to fully transforming every aspect of my relationship with money. In a few short years I went from a negative net worth to becoming an investor, owning multiple properties, and building tangible wealth. 

My own financial journey has been life changing in every way imaginable. It's one of  many reasons I'm so fiercely committed to helping leaders like you build wealth and become well-resourced by cultivating financial stability, sovereignty, and sustainability

My insights on wealth, business, and leadership have been featured on Forbes, NPR, Thrive Global, Woman Entrepreneur, CBS, ABC, NBC and more.
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