So you get an EPIC download: opportunity/idea/inspiration (queue…tingles, excitement)
closely followed by RATIONALIZATION.
(a very clever, strategic, way of shutting yourself down)

The mind will then proceeded to create an enormous list of logical, “rational”, reasons not to do X and how you shouldn’t Y, don’t even think about Z.

And as if that weren’t enough, it’ll jump on the phone to gain momentum and followers –
hitting-up the most brilliant, loving, and supportive people in your circle. Nine out of ten will likely agree (she’s crazy cunning) and the one who doesn’t will be dismissed.

(*side note: If you’re only asking for the answer you want to hear, are you really asking?)

Here’s the T:

Rationalization is almost always an excuse not to go Deeper.

It keeps Truth at an arms-length distance, and holds you back from your growth.

So the next time you notice yourself jumping into rationalization, Drop in.

Take a moment to notice…

What are you avoiding?
Are you willing to go deeper?

What’s waiting for you on the other side of your excuses?