(Warning this isn’t a believe in abundance and money will shoot out of your ass post. If you’re looking for that, keep scrolling)

Here’s a taste of my before: (Girl, it was BAD)

My credit cards were maxed, I wrote bad checks, the overdraft fees were racking up… I was in tons of debt, defaulting on my student loans, owed several people money and got kicked out of not one, but two different apartments for not paying rent on time.

Here’s how I got it together:

1) I reframed my story about my “job”
For those of you who don’t love your job/ still need a side hustle to make rent

Stop believing your job is killing you
Instead, chose to see it as an opportunity to support your growth and development.

2) I got honest about my spending
Notice what you actually need to feel supported

Rent and groceries (yes)
Therapy and coaching (yes)
Expensive takeout, craft cocktails, Louboutin’s (not so much)

3) I bossed the F up.

Cut the excess. Show up. Take care of the expenses that are in service of your grounding and growth. (Not glamorous, but Necessary)

If your relationship with money is chaos, more cash = more chaos