This is for you if: you’ve never really meditated and you want your first time to be a good one and/or your past experience of meditation has been shifting uncomfortably and counting down the seconds until it’s over.

Get Comfortable.

In no way does folding yourself into a pretzel equal inner peace. It’s going to be a really hard to relax if your knees and back are killing you. When you sit for meditation you should feel stable, comfortable, and supported.

Keep it Simple.

More fuss (beads, bells, blah, blah, blah,) makes more distraction. If you’re trying to do too many things your missing the point. Listen to your breath. It’s super simple and super powerful.

Short & Sweet.

Longer is not necessarily better. Especially if you spend the extra time thinking about what you’re going to eat or how you wanna to respond to that email. As little as two minutes of focused meditation can yield massive results. Pick a time that your attention span CAN handle.( I recommend keeping it under 5 minutes)

Bonus Tip: Smile! Yep. Get comfortable looking like a weirdo. If you smile with intention you’ll subconsciously give your brain the signal that this is an enjoyable experience. This will allow you to relax and go deeper without trying too hard. Plus, serious is so not fun.